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Sacred Sites
Wat Florida Dhammaram has constructed replicas of the sacred places of pilgrimage in honor Lord Buddha as they are found in India.

Temple of Bodgaya,

(Literally: "Great Awakening Temple")
Bodh Gaya is associated with the enlightenment of Lord Buddha (566-486 B.C.) The sacred Bodhi tree under which he is believed to have attained enlightenment.

Stupa of Sarnath, India

The holy place of Sarnath is considered as a landmark in the history of Buddhism, as the site was the first one to listen to the first sermon of Lord Buddha in 528 BCE. The Buddha's teachings at Sarnath further led to the establishment of the Buddhist sangha. Sarnath today is a major Buddhist pilgrimage and attracts the people of other faiths also with its archaeological museum, temples and monasteries.

The Parinibbana
Temple of Kusinara, India

The term Parinibbana
(Sanskrit: parinirvāṇa; Pali:
parinibbāna) is commonly used to refer to nirvana-after-death, which occurs upon the death of the body of someone who has attained nirvana during his or her lifetime.

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